Membership in SAGE


Membership in SAGE is open.  Membership does have its privileges and its obligations.  All current members should be aware of this document. If you are considering joining, this information may help you decide if SAGE is for you.


Executive Members

Chair: G. Hoffe

Treasurer: R. Lesch

Secretary: J. Spencer

Match & Registration Co-ordinator: C. Heisler

Handicap Co-ordinator: R. Leigh

Members at Large: K. Kennedy-Singer, T. Lesch


Club Goals

The goals of the club shall be to encourage and promote the playing of golf in all its aspects.  Membership is open to anyone.  Anyone considering joining SAGE should have a keen interest in the game and enjoy friendly competition because after all Golf is about etiquette, honesty and friendship.


Benefits for SAGE Members

Each week there is a scheduled Tournament.  You never have to worry about booking a tee time or finding playing partners again.  All members are guaranteed a tee time.  If you cannot play you advise an executive member no later than 72 hours before the Tournament.  Guests are always welcome if there is room.  

All members pay a yearly fee of $250.  These fees are used to fund the prize structure and the Awards Night at season close.


Prize Structure

First Low Net  $50

2nd Low Net $40

3rd Low Net $30

4th Low Net $20

5th Low Net $10

Closest to Pin on all par 3's $20

Closest to Pin in two (a par 4) $20

Closet to the Pin in three (a par 5) $20.

All Prize money is awarded at our end of season bust up.


SAGE Members can expect weekly updates to Order of Merit and participate in all competitions.

Weekly Tournaments

Match Play Tournament

4 Ball Tournament

2 Ball Tournament

A Flight Net Championship

B Flight Gross Championship

B Flight Net Championship

Most improved Player

Ryder Cup Annual Tournament

Player’s Championship (Club Championship)

Advance Season Schedule – plan your golf season

Annual end of season Awards Dinner

Certified handicap


Rules Governing Competition

All play on The SAGE Tour will be subject to The Rules of Golf as approved by Golf Canada January 1, 2016. All players should be well versed in the Rules of Golf. If a situation arises ask your fellow competitors for their assistance and if necessary, play a second ball to keep play moving (Rule 3-3).  Questions concerning the application of the rules should be taken to the rules committee after the game.


Tee Times/Check In/Late Policy

Requests for early or late tee times should be made to the Match and Registration Co-ordinator at least 7 days prior to an event. Players are required to check at the pro shop at least 30 minutes prior to the club’s tee time. Players are also required to be at the first Tee at least 10 minutes prior to their appointed tee time.   Tee Times and groups will be available prior to every game.  Any player arriving late without cause for their appointed tee time will have to join the foursome on the course.


Cancellations/No Shows

A player may withdraw his entry in a specific event up to 4 days prior to the event.  If you know you cannot play you must advise the Executive by the preceding Sunday of the next game.  Cancellations received less than 3 days prior to an event may incur a cost.  If the club incurs a cost due to a no show, the player will be charged the full price of the green fee.


Pace of Play

Playing time should be approximately four hours and fifteen minutes. Course marshals need to monitor the pace of play. If you see your fellow players to be out-of-position and/or behind time speak to the course Marshall.  Please show respect for you fellow SAGE members and do not insult or start arguments.  Remember your Golf Etiquette.


Slow play annoys everyone always maintain pace with the group ahead of you.


Rain Policy

In the case of inclement weather, the SAGE Executive will make the decision regarding the event at the course and not beforehand. Please arrive for your scheduled tee time. Weather conditions can and do vary.


The policy for The SAGE Tour is the same as that of the PGA Tour - play will continue if the course is playable. In regard to thunder and lightning, the Course Marshal or officials of the Golf Course normally will notify all players to stop play immediately and proceed to the clubhouse. Should you see lightning and the course has not sounded a stop play horn, head for shelter immediately.


If the event is cancellations due to inclement weather, rain cheques are issued at the discretion of the host course.  For every event that is cancelled due to inclement weather, the SAGE Tour will be reduced by one. The Order of Merit will remain your best five events for stroke play and best of 3 events for Stableford.


Dress Code

Proper golf attire is required always.   Metal spikes are not allowed in any Tour events.


Electronic Devices

The SAGE Tour approved the use of devices that measures distance and GPS devices.



Each player must ensure his/her score is recorded correctly.  Each Group is responsible for turning into the Scorekeeper two cards immediately following the completion of the round.  It is up to all players in the group to confirm the accuracy of the score while still at the course. 


Hopefully the site gives you some information about our group.   We are primarily "Baby Boomers" and there are a few younger members as well.  We have members with a handicap as high as 30 and as low as 2.  The group is competitive.  We are a nonprofit. All the work done in organizing the schedule and games is done on a volunteer basis.  Each year members pay $250 fee.  This amount goes to weekly cash prizes of $270.  You can see the distribution of prize money on the "This Week’s Champs" link. 


Since there is money to be won we play by the rules.  There are no Mulligans and you must make all your putts.  To enjoy playing with SAGE you need to be aware of pace of play.  You should be accustomed to playing ready golf and you should be able to navigate your way around the golf course without assistance.  Respect for golf etiquette is paramount.  If you have an established handicap great.  If you have any scorecard or scores from last year we could get started or we use the Peoria System to get you started.


We play every Saturday of the season.  We will schedule approx. 28 games per year. It is not incumbent to play each week.  It is necessary for you to declare when you cannot play in an upcoming event.  In other words, if you cannot play you must say so.  Each week the groups are made up in advance.  An effort is made for everyone to play with different people each week.  


Our policy on Tee position is as follows.  We evaluate the yardage and aim for a standard length for competitions around 6,100 - 6300 yards.   Slope ratings also taken into consideration.  If the decision is to play the back tees members who are 60 and older can play the forward tees provided they have made an application in advance to so and have been granted that right.  This helps to maintain place of play.  Lift, clean and place rule normally is in effect until approximately the May 24th weekend. And again, after Thanksgiving weekend.