Groups and Proximities

Stableford Final Royal Ashburn

**Lift, Clean and Place in the Fairway**

There are 4 Par 3's, Closest in 2 will be #8, and Closest in 3 will be #17

Group 1

Don Craig

Merv Lesch

Scott Spence

Group 2

Allan Bursey

Don Crymble

Lenny Shearn

Roddy Field

Group 3

Cory Heisler

Joe Spencer

Gerry Hoffe

Kurtis Kennedy-Singer

Group 4

John Walsh

Ron Craig

Rex Burley

Dean Tucker

Group 5

Colin Arnold

Seth Kovnats

Antek Jerzy (Guest)

Sheldon Foran (Guest)

Group 6

Terry Lesch

Mike Slack

Ron Hoff

Mike Swartz

Group 7

Trevor Bellas

Colin Lesch

Peter Taylor

Ralph Leigh