By far the biggest event of the season is Ryder Cup.  Upon inception the event was South Africa Vs Canada and the competition was always fierce.  

To view the playng formats and the Ryder Cup drafted teams click here .  .

Match Play – just like our A and B flight match play. Your net hole score again your opponent. Win, lose or tie. Win more holes that the other guy. 1 point up for grabs. Ties get half point.

Aggregate – play as a 2 man team. The best net score (of the two) for the teammates is used for the team score for that hole. Played as medal play. Total 18 hole score. Low score over  18 holes wins.  2 points up for grabs. Ties get 1 point each..

Team Taylor  (Red)      Team Dean (Blue)

Peter T (10)                           Dean (19)

John Walsh (0)                 Joe S (7)

Gerry  (13)                        Scott S  (8)        

Cory  (14)                         Robin (13)

Lenny  (43)                       Matt W (11)

Jim N (18)                        Mike Slack (18)

Ralph (22)                         Terry (34)

Rex (19)                             Don Crymble (14)

                                         Ron H (16)

John Gerrard  (15)            Colin A (23)

Mike Swartz (30)               Jim A (22)

Roddy (29)                          Seth (22)

Uncle Ron (24)                   Gerald T (17)

Merv (16)                            Allan B (18)

Trevor (26)